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Master Data Management

Excellent data as the engine of digital transformation

Accurate, up-to-date and verified data is the starting point for digital transformation - and thus the future for many companies and industries. As one of Europe's leading providers of data management software, together with external experts we offer a process that will take your company into this future. We call this path "Data Excellence" - an end-to-end service for your success.

With 20 years of experience and as a market leader in data management, we combine our competence as data experts with the excellence of our partner ecosystem, consisting of process, organisation and technology consulting.

In five steps, we create a reliable basis for smart decisions with consistent data and support you in the digital transformation of your company.

The image depicts the 5 stages of achieving data excellence, from Evaluation to final refinements.

Five steps to data excellence

1. Actual assessment and derivation of potentials Actual assessment of data management and determination of maturity level as well as quantification of the company benefit of data excellence

2. Data excellence - strategy and target picture Together, we develop a target picture for your data excellence.

3. Development of the data excellence operating model We create a target operating model for all relevant data excellence dimensions - up to the value creation through your data.

4. Implementation of the Data Excellence operating model We implement the operating model and the necessary tools (zetVisions SDM) for Data Excellence.

5. Ongoing monitoring and optimisation of the data excellence model We continuously monitor and review data quality and process performance with the corresponding cockpit in zetVisions SPoT

Data Excellence

1. Better decisions: Data-driven decisions improve the quality and accuracy of decisions and help minimise risks and maximise opportunities.

2. Increasing efficiency: optimised data management and analysis can streamline business processes and improve efficiency.

3. Cost savings: Improved data quality and management can lead to cost savings through more effective resource management.

4. Customer satisfaction: data-based insights can help improve the customer experience by enhancing the understanding of customer needs and behaviour.

5. Competitive advantage: the effective use of data enables informed, data-driven decisions.

Added value of a data excellence strategy

Companies get everything from a single source. And that is coordinated with the respective strategic guidelines of the company.

Christian Sohn Managing Director zetVisions GmbH
Single Point of Truth

Our solutions for efficient master data management and consistent data.

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Master data management

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