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Full visibility in your supply chain

zetVisions SPoT MAT is our software for the reliable management of your material master data. With it, you create a Single Point of Truth (SPoT), a uniform data source, as a reference for your material data. This guarantees on-time processes of purchases and deliveries and makes your supply chain management efficient. In this way, you reduce costs, optimise your pricing and generate a real competitive advantage for your company with SPoT MAT.

Consistent material master data is the heart of a manufacturing company. SPoT MAT creates a consistent data source for your material master data as a solid foundation.

Our software optimally coordinates your company's material master data and ensures uniform and consistent data throughout the company. In this way, you ensure smooth and on-time processes of local and group-relevant purchases and deliveries through transparent procurement, production and sales activities. As a result, you secure your supply chains, improve your processes, reduce costs by up to 70% and effort by up to 33%.

Our predefined data models are customisable and can be tailored to the individual requirements of your company. With us, you take a further step in the digitalisation of your company and increase your added value.


Uniform information on materials, products, goods and operating supplies
Efficient supply chain management: on-time processing of purchases and deliveries
A reliable source with all the latest information on classifications, parts lists, documents and drawings, plants, sales organisation and storage locations.
Cost savings through more efficient processes around product master data
Flexibility in connecting other systems through data transfer
Master data management

Our solutions for your Single Point of Truth

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Customer and supplier master data

zetVisions SPoT BP creates a reliable data source for managing your customer and supplier master data.


Efficient supply chain management through on-time purchases and deliveries. You will be able to reduce costs sustainably as you optimise your pricing with consistent product master data throughout the entire product life cycle. Also, fewer compliance issues due to a transparent database: As a manufacturing company, we know the importance of master data. Unfortunately, some errors have crept into our database over the years, leading to recurring errors in purchasing. Thanks to zetVisions SPoT, all important systems are supplied with the same product information.

A terrific starting position and a solid basis for topics such as Industry 4.0.


More transparency for your data