We ensure that people can make smart decisions based on excellent data.

Christian Sohn Managing Director zetVisions GmbH
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Software for corporate data management

Excellent data for maximum added value

Digitalisation is based on data, processes and technology. Data is the fuel that gets the digital transformation going. Their quality affects the entire value chain of a company. With our software solutions in legal entity and master data management, we make a decisive contribution to value - and offer our customers a real competitive advantage.

Excellent data quality and the goal-oriented management of data are the foundation for smart decisions. Because master data and legal entity data are the decisive drivers for the digitalisation of your company, central value creation factors – and the ticket to success and growth. This applies to DAX-listed companies as well as medium-sized enterprises, banks and municipalities.

As data experts with over 20 years of experience, we are absolute experts in data management and a strategic partner for our customers. Because we don't think in terms of individual products, but rather advise, plan and implement holistic and strategic solutions. Our flexible and intelligent software ensures excellent data quality, reduces sources of error and accelerates workflows.

Master data management with zetVisions

Excellent data for smart decisions

Master data is the most important fuel for companies and the basis for strategies and decisions. With our SAP-certified software solutions SPoT, we offer you a "single point of truth". This ensures that you make decisions based on excellent data.

Der CEO von zetVisions, Christian Sohn, erklärt die Vision des Unternehmens und betont dabei Datenqualität und transparente Verfahren.

In digitalisation, processes and data are an important factor for value creation. We offer companies a decisive value contribution at different levels.

Erik Tischner Managing Director zetVisions GmbH

Legal entity management with zetVisions

A clear view of complex structures

Legal entity management is where all the strategic, operational and administrative tasks of a corporate group come together. Our data management solutions turn these duties into opportunities for your company.

Together with our partner network, we perfect the processes for excellent data and thus support companies in their digitization strategy.

Erik Tischner Managing Director zetVisions GmbH
Partner ecosystem

With our partner ecosystem, we support your company throughout the entire lifecycle: from the digitisation strategy and the holistic solution for data management to the software tool, its implementation and continuous optimisation. Our network and the close cooperation with our technology and consulting partners provide our customers with synergies and strategic advantages through holistic solutions – at the process, technology and product level.

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Co-Innovation as a success factor

We continue to develop together with our customers

We are very close to our customers. We are open, flexible and react quickly to individual requirements. In our co-innovation programme, we constantly develop our products further based on customer requirements. In this way, we ensure that our software solutions always meet market needs.

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Legal Entity Management

Full transparency for complex structures.